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  • Subband coding of speech signal using scilab 

    Ravindra, Chaya; Khatik, Ramjan; Pathan, Siraj; Nawaz, Banda (International Journal of Electronics & Communication, 2014-05)
    Subband coding decompose the input signal into different frequency bands .After the input is decomposed to its constituents, we can use the coding technique best suited to each constituent to improve the compression ...
  • Blood cell monitoring based on FPGA, implemented using VHDL 

    Khan, Zarrarahmed; Pathan, Siraj; Pathan, Riyaz; Ali, Zeeshan; Khadase, Rahul; Alvi, Rizwan (Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2017-10)
    This paper showcases a system in the medical field which will assuage the limitations in today's blood cell monitoring since everything will be done digitally. Our work is a combination of image processing and its ...
  • Review on secondary and tertiary control structures for Microgrid 

    Qureshi, Tahoora; Alvi, Rizwan (International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, 2018-03-30)
    Abstract— With the large scale integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into the existing power system, there has been a significant impact on the operation of distribution networks; the major impacts being power ...
  • Primavera Plus GIS is equal to effective project management 

    Mansoori, Raiyan; Pakhmore, Mudassir Zahid; Gawade, Prathamesh P. (International Journal of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology, 2016)
    Abstract—Good planning ,adequate organizational machinery and sufficient flow of resources are the prerequisites of an efficient project but not without a warning mechanism which will alert the organization about its SWOT ...
  • Unit Test I Sem VI (EE) 

    AIKTC (AIKTC, 2019-02)
    Control System-II, Electrical Machines-IV, PSE, MA, SIgnal Processing, Microgrid
  • Unit Test II Sem VII (EE) 

    AIKTC (AIKTC, 2019-02)
    Unit Test Question Papers: FACTS, PSPR, DC, DAEMS
  • building information modeling (BIM) application in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry 

    Pakhmore, Mudassir Zahid; Mansoori, Raiyan; Gawade, Prathamesh P. (International Journal of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology, 2016)
    Abstract— The Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry has a long chase to overcome the barriers of conventional method come from project cost overrun, poor productivity, quality, and extended time. Building ...
  • Application of building information modeling (BIM) to civil engineering projects 

    Gawade, Prathamesh P.; Pakhmore, Mudassir Zahid; Mansoori, Raiyan (International Journal of Engineering Research, 2016-01-09)
    Abstract : There are various draw backs in conventional method used for planning, scheduling & monitoring projects in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)industry which fails to provide a clear view of the ...
  • Unit Test I Sem IV (EE) 

    AIKTC (AIKTC, 2019-02)
    Unit Test Question Papers: EN, EMC-II, AM-IV, Power System-1, EFW
  • Unit Test I Sem III (EE) 

    AIKTC (AIKTC, 2019-02)
    Unit Test Question Papers: ADIC,
  • Model design for educational administration safety 

    Khan, Zarrar; Ahmed, Raza (14ET22); Shaikh, Shaziya (14ET09) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    This project focuses on the problem that is seen in all college premises .As we all know that initialization of any lecture does not occur on time. Impunctuality is seen over the timetable management system .As per ...
  • Smart parking system based on IoT 

    Chaya, S.; Ansari, Mohd. Afzal (15DET52); Sahibole, Saifullah a. (13ET40); Sawant, Vaibhav W. (13ET42); Shaikh, Mohd. Afzal Ahmed (13ET53) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    The major goal of this project is to make use of the basic concept of IoT for Smart Parking System in smart cities. The services provided by the smart parking can be constitutive part of a basic IoT operational platform ...
  • GPS and GSM based anti-theft vehicle system 

    Shaikh, Meenaz; Gaus, Pasha Abbas Ali (15DET57); Shah, Mohd. Aslam (15DET66); Momin, Kazim E (15DET68); Shaikh, Faizan (15DET74) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Currently almost of the public having an own vehicle, theft is happening on parking and sometimes driving insecurity places. The safe of vehicles is extremely essential for public vehicles. Vehicle tracking and locking ...
  • Attendance system using face recognition and biometric 

    Tamboli, Mujib; Parkar, Aamir (15DET70); Choudhary, Maksud (15DET56); Momin, Rehan (14ET31); Mansuri, Mohd. Aamir (15DET102) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    An Education system in India has become so advanced in last decade due to the devel- opment of the technology. Smart class, video conferencing are some of the examples of modern trends in educational system. These ...
  • Arduino based solar tracking with Android App controller 

    Shaikh, Meenaz; Shaikh, Irfan Moosa (15DET76); Idrisi, Mohd. Wasim (15DET67); Ansari, Mohd. Faizan (15DET53) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Sun is an abundant source of energy and this solar energy can be harnessed successfully using solar photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic e ect to convert solar energy into electri- cal energy. But the conversion e ciency ...
  • Implementation of a solar power system with home automation 

    Fakih, Awab; Maniar, Saad (14ET29); Rais, Umar (14ET34); Naik, Ramjan (14ET32); Siddiqui, Hasan (13ET10) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    This book aims to cover all the topics that are relevant for getting an overview on the aspects of Solar Energy, with a focus on Photovoltaics, which allows the con- version of light energy or solar radiation into ...
  • Smart energy meter 

    Hule, Shraddha; Khan, Yusuf J. (15DEE23); Deshmukh, Mohammad (15DEE11); Shaikh, Faisal K (14EE36); Shaikh, Itban (14EE38) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    It is a difficult job for the electricity board officials to manually take meter readings and calculate bill as it is time consuming and requires man power. Billing consumers for energy consumption is not uniform. It is a ...
  • Home automation using Raspberry PI 3 

    Tiwari, Vivek; Kudake, Sahil (13EE42); Ubale, Akshay (14EE44); Mathew, Joel (14EE15); Khan, Nabeel (14EE23) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Themainaim oftheprojectistocontrolhomeapplicationsremotelyby usingAndroid-OS-basedsmartphone.Thisisanadvancedtechnologyinthe homeautomation.Usuallyconventionalwallswitchesarelocatedindifferent cornersofahouseand,thusn ...
  • Laser engraving machine 

    Upadhyay, Ankur; Shaikh, Mohd. Qaisar (15DEE30); Ansari, Moidur Rehman (15DEE18); Momin, Muzaffar (14EE31); Shaikh, Fahad (15DEE14) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, was discovered in 1960. Laser light beam is different from normal light beam because of its high temporal and narrow spectral bandwidth. Here ...
  • Energy audit and energy management 

    Bodhle, Gulrez; Momin, Shoaib (15DEE22); Bagdadi, Faique (15DEE08); Bevoor, Aasif (15DEE19); Khan, Shahnawaz (14EE25) (AIKTC, 2018-05)

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