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  • Effect of rate of loading on the compressive strength of concrete 

    Siddiqui, Mohammad Junaid; Shaikh, Umair (15DCE71); Qais, Mohd. Hamid (15DCE66); Khan, Aminuddin B. (15DCE63); Ansari, Md. Aasif (14CE09) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    India, the country where the main source of income is from agriculture. Farmers grow a variety of crops based on their requirement. Since the plants su er from the disease, the production of crop decreases due to ...
  • IoT approached based intrusion detection using Raspberry PI 

    Syed, Zeeshan Ali; Momin, Akibrja S [14DET52] (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Recently security concerns have grown tremendously, it is important for all to be able to safeguard their property from worldly harms such as thefts, destruc- tion of property etc. As the technology is widely growing in ...
  • Modelling network router and switch virtualization using GNS3 

    Alvi, Rizwan (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    This project will present a model of a virtual laboratory of computer networks, carried out with simulation tools such as GNS3 and its libraries. GNS3 will allow us to imple- ment and simulate the topology close to real ...
  • Smart library management system using RFID 

    Malagi, Mazhar; Ansari, Khalid [15DET51]; Shaikh, Mohd. Sakib [15DET78]; Inamdar, Mohd. Arbaz [15DET93]; Shaikh, Sohail [15DET79] (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Applicability of Radio Frequency Identi cation (RFID) system which is a new generation of Auto Identi cation and Data collection technology in a future Smart Library Man- agement System is presented in this paper. It ...
  • Website based robot control 

    Pathan, Siraj; Kuwari, Hassan [15DET99]; Shaikh, Fankar [15DET91]; Divkar, Aman [15DET90]; Momin, Irfan [15DET105] (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Robot controlling through Website is an interesting tool to perform laboratory experi- ments within Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. For making aware of the new environment one should go there and analyze ...
  • Alumni press 

    Kotiyal, Bandanawaz; Turki, Mohd. Sohail J [15NET47]; Khan, Akbar Faruq [16DET59]; Azar, Majid Rashid [16DET53]; Khan, Shakib Sufeel [15ET31] (AIKTC, 2019-05)
  • Semester Papers Sem VIII CBSGS - (EXTC) 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Wireless Networks; Satellite communication and Networks; Internet and Voice Communication; TNM
  • Semester Papers Sem VII CBSGS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Image and Video Processing; Mobile Communication; Optical Communication and Networks; Microwave and Radar Engineering
  • Semester Papers Sem VI CBCS - (EXTC) 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Microcontrollers and Applications; Computer Communication Networks; Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation; Image Processing and Machine Vision; Digital VLSI Design
  • Semester Papers Sem VI CBSGS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Digital Communication; Computer Communication & Telecom Networks; Television Engg.; Operating System; VLSI Design
  • Semester Papers Sem V CBSGS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Microcontroller & Its Applications; Analog Communication; Random Signal Analysis; RF Modelling & Antennas; Integrated Circuits
  • Semester Papers Sem V CBCS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Microprocessor & Peripherals Interfacing; Digital Communication; Electromagnetic Engineering; Discrete Time Signal Processing; TV and Video Engineering; Microelectronics
  • Semester Papers Sem IV CBCS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Applied Mathematics- III; Electronic Devices and Circuits I; Digital System Design; Circuit Theory and Networks; Electronic Instrumentation and Control
  • Semester Papers Sem IV CBCS - (EXTC) 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Applied Mathematics- IV; Electronic Devices and Circuits II; Linear Integrated Circuits; Signals & Systems; Principles of Communication Engineering
  • Semester Papers Sem IV CBSGS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Applied Mathematics- IV; Analog Electronics-II; Microprocessors & Peripherals; Wave Theory And Propagation; Signals And Systems; Control Systems
  • Semester Papers Sem III CBSGS - (EXTC) ATKT 

    University of Mumbai (University of Mumbai, 2019-05)
    Applied Mathematics- III; Circuits & Transmission Lines
  • Flash ADC 

    Pathan, Siraj; Shaikh, Tanzeem Mateen (15DET80); Chandwale, Danish (14DET74); Arai, Usama Zulfikar (15DET86); Qadri, Asad Syed Amed (15DET115) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The main concept behind this project is to convert analog data into digital data. Analog to digital converter (ADC) finds the major role in analog circuit design.
  • Student attendance system using facial recognition with AI 

    Pathan, Siraj; Shaikh, Aijaz (16DET120); Jadhav, Mayur (16DET86); Khan, Zafar (16DET97); Sangram, Haaris (16DET64) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Authentication is one of the significant issues in the era of information system. Among other things, human face recognition (HFR) is one of known techniques which can be used for user authentication. As an important ...
  • RFID based prepaid card for petrol station 

    Malagi, Mazhar; Ansari, Zain (15ET17); Maniar, Maaz (15ET35) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Radio frequencyidenti cation,RFIDisatechnologythatisusedinmany eldsin- cluding locks.Theunlimitedaccesstothereaderandthetransponderhasresulted in severesecurityweaknessesandmadeitpossibletoapplydi erentattacks.To classify ...
  • Fire extinguisher using sound waves 

    Athavani, Shahin (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The fire extinguishing techniques used nowadays are having various drawbacks. The need for new fire extinguishing techniques is very important as fire accidents causes damages. This project demonstrates an idea of a ...

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