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  • 1ST Architecture Librarian's Meet 

    AIKTC, KRRC (AIKTC, 2018-02-17)
    The 1st Annual Meeting of Architecture Librarians Group (ALG) will be hosted by the KRRC-AIKTC, New Panvel on February 17, 2018 at 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Purpose: The core theme of the meeting is to have a sound interaction ...
  • 2001 : A space odyssey 

    Kubrick, Stanley (Warner Brother's, 1968)
    Mankind finds a mysterious, obviously artificial, artifact buried on the moon & sets off on a quest.Special Features:2001: The Making of a Myth, A Look behind the future & many more Oscar Awarded Movie
  • 3 Day's National Workshop organised on "Design & Development of Digital Libraries Using DSpace", 21st – 23rd Feb. 2014 

    AIKTC, KRRC (2014-02-21)
    KRRC had organized a 3 days National workshop on “Design & Development of Digital Libraries Using Dspace” was conducted in our college on 21st to 23rd Feb. 2014. Letter of intimation about the workshop was widely email ...
  • 3D printer 

    Shaikh, Mohd. Adil (14DEE01); Chhapra, Abdur (13EE13); Shaikh, Junaid (14DEE15); Khan, Nehal (14DEE02) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    The inspiration for this project comes from the fact that 3D printer are really innovative and revolutionary idea but along with that they are very costly, one cannot afford the 3D printer just for fun or to use at home ...
  • 3D Printer 

    Khan, Zarrar Ahmed; Shaikh, Sohel Nazir (16DET129)]; Bagwan, Sohail Ahmed (16DET79)]; Khan, Taufique Md. Rafique [(16DET93); Nalband, Muzammil Gulab (16DET108) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The inspiration for this project comes from the fact that 3D printer are really innovative and revolutionary idea but along with that they are very costly, one cannot afford the 3D printer just for fun or to use at home ...
  • 5 Star hotel: A sustainable approach towards hotel designing 

    Parab, Sujit; Jadhav, Royal ((13ARC11) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    Tourism plays a very important role in development of city and it’s also a huge source of revenue for many countries. World Tourism Organization defines the word tourism as "traveling with staying in a particular place ...
  • 8051 Microcontroller 

    Ayala, Kenneth J. (Cengage Learning, 2005)
    CD content with book # E8180.
  • 8086 microprocessor: programming & interfacing the PC 

    Ayala, Kenneth J. (Cengage Learning, 1995)
    CD Content with book # E8434 - E8443. This diskette contains new releases for the A86 assembler and D86 debugger. Everything except the files REG_ONLY.ZIP and A386BETA.ZIP (if you have them) can be copied and ...
  • Abdul Razak Kalsekar ke naam per sadak mansub karne ka mutalba 

    Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 2017-08-10)
  • AC track circuit 

    Bodhle, Gulrez; Shaikh, Aslam (12EE3); Ali, Mohd (13EE32); Kadri, Uzma (14DEE13) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    Track circuit is the fundamental method of train detection. The first track circuit, based on a DC technology, has been invented at the end of nineteenth. Over the years, the continuous technological development has enabled ...
  • Academic audit -Tool for quality enhancement in Teaching-Learning process in higher education institutes 

    Khan, Tabrez; Magar, Rajendra; Ansari, Zakir; Shaikh, Afzal (K.K.Wagh Institute of engineering education & research, 2019-06-08)
    Academic audit is a methodical and scientific process of designing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing the quality in academic systems in higher education. The academic audit provides a strategic planning and its ...
  • Accident alert and pothole detection system 

    Khan, Mubashir; Khan, Sarfaraz H (14CO42); Malim, Usama I (14CO34); Ansari, Mohd Junaid (15DCO44) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    India witnessed one of the highest road accidents in the world, as stated by Union road transport and highways ministry in 2016. Road accident often takes place due to bad road weather condition, reckless driving etc. ...
  • Achieving quality excellence in Indian engineering education: modelling and analysis using system dynamics 

    Honnutagi, Abdul Razak (International Journal of Business Excellence - Inderscience, 2016-04)
    As the Indian industry becomes globally competitive in several sectors, one of the critical factors is the success of the engineering and technical education. The objective of this paper is to present a research study ...
  • Acoustics 

    Zaki, Momin (AIKTC, 2019)
    Subject: Building Services ; Semester: V
  • Active and reactive power control for three phase inverter 

    Sayed, Kaleem; Khan, Safwan Shakil Ahmed (15EE21); Chilwan, Farhan Abdul Majid (15EE07); Sharma, Manishkumar (15EE46); Ulde, Abrar Aslam (15EE51) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    At present scenario, renewable energy sources become an alternative source of energy for future energy demand and to mitigate environment pollution problems. Grid connected renewable energy source like wind energy system ...
  • Active power and frequency analysis of smart grid using simulink 

    Farade, Rizwan; Sayyed, Mohd. Ahmed (12EE04); Kadam, Amol (12EE17); Mishra, Sumeetkumar (12EE30); Utekar, Omkar (12EE63) (AIKTC, 2016-05)
    In this project, a Smart Grid has been designed by MATLAB/SIMULINK approach for synchronization of Thermal and Wind power plant and for analysis of Active-Reactive power and grid frequency. Analysis of Active power and ...
  • Actual indicator diagram mechanism 

    Shah, Ubaid (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The main aim of this project is to understand the mechanism of actual indicator diagram and its working principle. Furthermore to design and fabricate a low cost mechanical indicator prototype with the help of available ...
  • Administrative headquarter for Panvel city municipal corporation 

    Shaikh, Riyaz; Patel, Imad (AIKTC, 2017-04)
    Municipal Corporation is the main governing body of any city and its administration headquarter is probably one of the most important building. The Municipal Corporation provides all the necessary facilities and services ...
  • Admission Notification 2016-17 

    Urdu Times (Urdu Times Daily, 2016-08-08)
    For Against CAP Minority Seats & Institute Level Seats in School of Architecture, School of Pharmacy, School of Engineering & Technology.