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  • Mechanistic approach for fibre-reinforced flexible pavement 

    Kazi, Tehsin A; Dandekar, Sufiyan Imtiyaz (16DCES64); Dongare, Kiran Appaso (13CES16); Darji, Ammar Iqbal (14CES09) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Soil stabilization is the technique used to increase the strength and stability of soil. It is done by reinforcing the soil with various reinforcing materials, such as geotextiles, geo strips, geonets and fibers. The fibers ...
  • Experimental investigation on pervious concrete 

    Patil, Dada S; Suryawanshi, Akshay Pradeep (13CES59); Khan, Ali Mohd. Mateen (15DCES70); Ansari, Tausif Ahmed Maqbool [15DCES60); Parab, Siddesh Deepak (14CES34) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Pervious concrete (no fines concrete) is a concrete containing little or no fine aggregate; it consists of coarse aggregate and cement paste. It seems pervious concrete would be a natural choice for use in structural ...
  • Life cycle cost analysis of a hostel building with energy efficient approach : Case study 

    Parkar, Fauwaz; Hasamnis, Rahul Sunil [16DCES66]; Sayyed, Firoj Khalil [16DCES83]; Asari, Zoheb Md. Nazim [16DCES60]; Mansoori, Juned Amjad Ali [16DCES72] (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Construction sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emission around the world. Across the world, people are using a huge amount of resources for construction. Due to the growing environmental problems, it has become ...
  • Treatment of water using various adsorbents 

    Shabiimam, M A; Ansari, Md. Saaim [15CES10]; Maste, Noman [14CES26]; Mohammad, Abuzar [16DCES75] (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The earth contains only 3% of pure water, in this readily available fresh water content is very low. The rapid population growth creates more demand of fresh water for every day activity. To meet this demand, treatment of ...
  • Experimental and numerical study on laterally loaded pile in sand 

    Marlapalle, Vedprakash; Rizvi, Mohammed Muntazar (15CES36); Shah, Shahnawaz Irshad Ali (15CES41); Sayyed, Umar Javed (15CES39) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    In the present study an attempt is made to evaluate the lateral load carrying capacity of single and group of model piles embedded in loose and medium dense sand. The size of the model box used in the present study is 100mm ...

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