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  • Quality improvment through implementation of Kaizen technique at allied engineering 

    Kazi, Javed; Khan, Rahil Raza(15ME22); Khan, Mohd. Arbaz(15ME20); Khan, Faisal(16DME148); Khan, Mujeeb(16DME152) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Thousands of small & medium scale industries are present in India. All are facing certain problems resulting in lack of productivity, greater processing time etc. The basis definition of Kaizen philosophy & a brief review ...
  • Implementation of 5S method 

    Kazi, Javed; Ali Mohammed, Afreed(15ME62); Siddiquie, MehafuzurRehman(15ME115); Sojar, Hussain(15ME76); Yadav, Ravipratap(15ME120) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The main desire of this project is to study remedy the productiveness, efficiency and housekeeping of available resources at Mechmann Engineering Pvt. Ltd. And try to reducing variation and decrease the material waste. ...
  • Implementation of 5S at Malmo Steels Pvt.Ltd. 

    Khan, Jalal; Shaikh, Moeez M.(16DME171); Shaikh, Naushad M.(16DME176); Sayyed, Mohd.Aarish(16DME169); Ansari, Shoeb J.(16DME129) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    5S is a basic foundation of Lean Manufacturing systems. It is a tool for cleaning, sorting, organizing and providing the necessary groundwork for workpiece improvement. This project dealt with the implementation of 5S ...
  • Optimization of plant layout 

    Khan, Jalal; Sayed, Akbar Ali(16DME168); Malpekar, Mohseen(16DME158); Thange, Yaseen(16DME182); Shaikh, Sohail(16DME178) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Facilities layout is a systematic and functional arrangement of different departments, machines, equipments and services in a manufacturing industry. It is essential to have a well developed plant layout for all the available ...

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