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May-2015Environmental impact analysis of pharmaceutical wasteShah, Dhaval; Arote, Swapnil (12CE90); Atkari, Ketan (12CE93); Chalke, Saurabh (12CE97); Kale, Aniket (12CE98)
May-2015Analysis and design of prestressed I-GriderMagar, Rajendra; Bincy, Babu (11CE03); Bhat, Aravind (11CE12); Shaikh, Mohd. Tazir (11CE45); Siddique, Tanveer (11CE55)
May-2015Experimental investigation and prediction of compresive strength of concrete using soft computing techniques with different additivesMagar, Rajendra; Ansari, Shahbaz (11CE07); Khan, Afroz (11CE22); Khan, Mohd Haroon Mohd Nafis (11CE24); Khan, Rahil Lodhi Hashmatullah (11CE26)
May-2015Comparison of conventional concrete and special cement concreteMujawar, Shafi; Syed, Shahabuddin (11CE58); Chhatriwala, Farhan (12CE100); Shaikh, Shahid Madni (11CE48)
May-2015Structural Health Monitoring by Non Destructive Techniques On ConcreteSarvade, Shivaji; Tiwari, Shivendra (11CE54); Katrekar, Shweta (12CE64); Girilwala, Mustafa (12CE101); Shahpurwala, Abdul Kader (12CE102)
May-2016Recycling of Concrete using Chemical AdmixturesDasgupta, Rohan; Khan, Abdul Karim (11CE20); Shafi, Abdul (12CE70); Shaikh, Ramjan (13CE84)
May-2016Experimental investigation on internally cured concreteSiddiqui, Mohammed Junaid; Bhadki, Safwan Mohd.Hanif (11CE10); Bodale, Ahamad Mahd. Ashraf (13CE66); Sayyad, KaleemSaleem (13CE65); Ulde, Nuh Naeem (11CE60)
May-2016Seismic assessment of (G+4) R.C.C. frame building using pushover analysisSarvade, Shivaji; Ansari, Sharique (11CE08); Behlim, Abusufiyan (11CE09); Pasi, Akash (12CE44); Qureshi, Saifali (11CE39)
May-2016Rain water harvesting and conservation of water for AIKTC and ARKPSarvade, Shivaji; Ansari, Abid (12CE06); Ansari, Ezaz (12CE07); Sayyed, Aquib (12CE47); Usmani, Kashif (12CE62)
May-2016Structural health monitoring by non destructive tchniques on concreteSarvade, Shivaji; Tiwari, Shivendra (11CE54); Katrekar, Shweta (12CE64); Girilwala, Mustafa (12CE101); Shahpurwala, AbdulKader (12CE102)