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May-2019Subgrade soil stabilization by using demolished concrete waste and recycled plastic polymersDasgupta, Rohan; Khan, Suhail M [16DCE71]; Devekar, Shweta D [16DCE62]; Hodekar, Arbaz [16DCE63]; Patel, Najeeb [16DCE78]
May-2019Treatment of water using low cost natural materialsShabiimam, M A; Poshekar, Anas [16DCES80]; Sakharkar, Shifa [16DCES82]; Shaikh, Sajid [14CES44]
May-2019Design and analysis of heat exchanger trolley to cool the radar system of fighter jet Sukhoi-30Meshram, Atul N; Shaikh, Riyaz [15ME49]; Lalchadi, Akram [15ME25]; Dudhane, Pratiksha [15ME01]; Khan, Sajiya [15ME02]
May-2015PLC & SCADA based substation automationPatel, Iftekar; Chitapure, Sirajuddin (12EE75); Ansari, Sameer (12EE76); Shaikh, Adnan (12EE82); Kondkari, Faizan Ahmed (12EE85)
May-2015High speed terrorist air fighterKaleem, Sayed; Khan, Afroz; Fodkar, Salman; Dakhway, Sufiyan; Mulla, Saeed Ahmed; Khan, Abdul Hakim
2003Power electronicsNed, Mohan; Ullmann, Franziska; Robbins, William
May-2019Speed control of three phase induction motor using two level vector controlHule, Shraddha; Siddiqui, Shabbir Ahmed (16DEE84); Mahfuz, Alam (16DEE62); Khan, Hussain I. Pathan (16DEE67); Shaikh, Mohammed Tahir (14EE40)
May-20175 Star hotel: A sustainable approach towards hotel designingParab, Sujit; Jadhav, Royal ((13ARC11)
May-2019Life cycle cost analysis of a hostel building with energy efficient approach : Case studyParkar, Fauwaz; Hasamnis, Rahul Sunil [16DCES66]; Sayyed, Firoj Khalil [16DCES83]; Asari, Zoheb Md. Nazim [16DCES60]; Mansoori, Juned Amjad Ali [16DCES72]
1999Programming and customizing the 8051 microcontrollerMyke, Predko