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Apr-2017Waste water treatment using water hyacinthMagar, Rajendra; Ansari, Mohd. Husain (14DCES52); Ansari, Anas (14DCES54); Hashmi, Aquib (14DCES59); Bhatkar, Aquib (14DCES59)
May-2015Analysis and design of prestressed I-GriderMagar, Rajendra; Bincy, Babu (11CE03); Bhat, Aravind (11CE12); Shaikh, Mohd. Tazir (11CE45); Siddique, Tanveer (11CE55)
thesisSmall.jpg8-Feb-2018Alternate and low cost construction materials and techniquesMagar, Rajendra; Shaikh, Mohammed Aqeeb Jamil Ahmed (15CEM14)
thesisSmall.jpgMar-2019Application of earned value and weibull analysis on performance of residential projectsGavaskar, Pradnya (16CEM05); Magar, Rajendra
thesisSmall.jpgAug-2017Fuzzy approach to risk assessment in construction industryMagar, Rajendra; Azam, Tasneem (15CEM18)
2016Application of Principles of lean management in Construction Industry, A technique in the Indian construction industryPillai, Karuna; Shukla, Manojkumar; Magar, Rajendra
May-2018Influence of accelerated curing on the compressive strength of concrete incorporating fly ashMagar, Rajendra B.; Shaikh, Sohel (14CES45); Siddiqui, Shanwaz (14CES49); Cheulkar, Nihal (15DCES62); Choudhary, Danish(15DCES63)
May-2018Alternate low cost construction materialsMagar, Rajendra B.; Ansari, Musharraf Qayyum (14CES07); Malik, Sohail Yunus (14CES25); Pathan, Salman Noor Mohammad (14CES36); Shah, Mohammad Rahim (14CES40)
May-2016Effect of colloidal nano silica (CNS) on high strength risk husk ash concreteMagar, Rajendra; Gupta, Vinay (12CE19); Gupta, Vipin (12CE20); Khan, Abdul (12CE26); Sayed, Khalil (13CE68)
May-2017Cost and schedule analysis of a structure using earn value managementMagar, Rajendra; Shukla, Manojkumar