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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2016Aspects of Sustainable Development: Environmental StudiesMaralapalle, Vedprakash
24-Aug-2016Overview Of Environmental AspectsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
30-Mar-2016Modern surveying methodMaralapalle, Vedprakash
26-Aug-2016Introduction to SurveyingMaralapalle, Vedprakash
30-Mar-2016Modern surveying instrumentsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
24-Aug-2016LevellingMaralapalle, Vedprakash
30-Mar-2016Setting-out worksMaralapalle, Vedprakash
7-Oct-2016Traversing: Theodolite TraverseMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Surveying - IMaralapalle, Vedprakash
2014Prediction of Blast Loading and Remedial Measures on BuildingsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Transportation - Railway engineeringMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Transportation II - Highway engineeringMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Surveying - IIMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Modern Surveying InstrumentsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Modern Surveying MethodMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Setting Out Of WorkMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Pavment designMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Tacheometric SurveyingMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Apr-2017Experimental investigation on behavior of piled raft foundationMaralapalle, Vedprakash; Ansari, Mohd. Sameer (13CES09); Shah, Abdul (13CES48); Shaikh, Azaz (13CES49); Sayyeed, Gufran (13CES44)
Jun-2017Experimental Investigation on Behavior of Piled- Raft FoundationMaralapalle, Vedprakash; Dasgupta, Rohan; Shaikh, Wasim (14CEM14)
Jun-2017Experimental Study on Behavior of Piled-Raft Foundation: A Critical ReviewMaralapalle, Vedprakash; Dasgupta, Rohan; Shaikh, Wasim (14CEM14)
7-Oct-2016Environmental PollutionMaralapalle, Vedprakash
19-Jul-2017Basic Defination & Relationship of Soil EngineeringMaralapalle, Vedprakash
8-Aug-2017Soil ExplorationMaralapalle, Vedprakash
7-Oct-2016Plane Table SurveyingMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Jul-2014Analysis & Design of FRP Jacketing for BuildingsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Jul-2014Analysis & Design of R.C.C. Jacketing for BuildingsMaralapalle, Vedprakash
Results 1-27 of 27 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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