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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2016Stratigraphy: Historical geologyJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016TunnelJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Igneous petrologyJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Land SlidesJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016DamsJoshi, Prabha
Jul-2016Folds, faults and other records of rock deformationJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Internal structure of the earth and plate tectonicsJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016River landforms: Geological work of riversJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Geology: Branches & Importance of Civil EngineeringJoshi, Prabha
Jul-2016Ground waterJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Landforms by wind: Geological work of windJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Glacial processes and landformsJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Weathering: Agents modifying the earth's surface, study of weathering and its significance in engineering properties of rocks like strength, water tightness and durabilityJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Petrology: Sedimentary RocksJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Surface and Subsurface Geological InvestigationJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Volcanic eruption & landform creationJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Petrology: Metamorphic RocksJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Physical properties of mineralsJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016What determines if a rock Folds (bends)or faults (breaks)?Joshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Earthquake: Earthquake waves, construction and working of seismograph, Earthquake zones of India, elastic rebound theory Preventive measures for structures constructed in Earthquake prone areasJoshi, Prabha
Jun-2015Fluid inclusion and geochemical signatures of the talc deposits in Kanda area, Kumaun, India: implications for genesis of carbonate hosted talc deposits in Lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
25-Nov-2016Fluid Inclusions in the Ca-Mg Carbonates in Kumaun lesser Himalaya and Focus on the Basin Fluid SystemJoshi, Prabha
2010Genetic issues of some of the non metallic minerals in lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
2009Petrography and geochemistry of magnesite and talc deposits of Jhiroli, Kumaun Lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
Feb-2009Role of fluids in the formation of talc deposits of Rema area, Kumaun Lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Plate - Tectonics and Continental Drift : An Amazing StoryJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Disinfection of waterJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017CompostingJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Solid Waste : Need, Types, History & Classification of Solid WasteJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Distribution System: Water Distribution Systems, Types & MethodsJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Leachate management: Incineration and gasificationJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Hazardous wasteJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Solid Waste Management: Collection, Transportation & MethodsJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Characterization of municipal solid wasteJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Water softening techniquesJoshi, Prabha
Results 1-35 of 35 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).
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