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May-2015Design and development of drive and steering mechanism of an automated guided vehicle (AGV)Momin, Zia; Bhosale, Prasad (11ME45); Chavan, Manoj (11ME18); Dubey, Devang (11ME19); Koli, Aniket (11ME34)
May-2015Optimization of plant layoutGandhi, Asif; Khan, Asif (11ME27); Kutiyanawala, Hatim (11ME35); Mistry, Mohammed (11ME38); Parkar, Saalim (11ME41)
May-2015Material optimization of gear and pinion for planetary gearboxGhazi, Altamash; Gupta, Deepak (11ME24); Phadatare, Kiran (11ME44); Pawale, Mustafa (11ME43); Shaikh, Abrar (11ME50)
May-2015Design of an automated assembely stand for assembly-disassembly of aircraft wheelRizvi, Zoya; Ansari, Armaan (11ME08); Dabir, Altamash (12ME82); Khan, Sufiyan (11ME33); Shaikh, Ijaz (11ME54)
May-2015Instantaneous tyre pumping system & design and sress analysis of rear axle of Go-KartMeshram , Atul; Pathan , Naeem (11ME42); Khan , Azim (11ME36); Mir , Yadgar Ali (11ME36); Sayed , Idris (11ME48)
May-2015Automatic seat beltMomin, Zia; Khan, Shaibaz Ahmed (11ME32); shaikh, Faiyaz Alam (11ME51); shaikh, Javed Akhtar (11ME52); Khan, Uzair Ahmed (12ME67)
May-2015Automation of material handling systemGandhi, Asif; Farooqui, Saad (11ME21); Pachapure, Zaid (11ME40); Rawoot, Mudassir (11ME46); Wangde, Nawaz (11ME61)
May-2015Design and development of an indoor airshipNawaz, Motiwala; Shaikh, Faisal (12ME70); Sayyed, Mufeed (12ME69); Javed, Abdul (12ME64); Arfat, Ziyauddin (12ME83)
May-2015Anti-drag systemPatwegar, Imamdin; Pawaskar, Azharuddin (12ME66); Bade, Usama (12ME77); Sirkhot, Waris (12ME68); Dilwarkhan, Sufiyan (12ME71); Ansari, Sadique (12ME72)
May-2015Design and fabrication of semi-automatic system for welding hydraulic cylinderKazi, Javed