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Title: Semester Papers Sem VII - OLD (SoP)
Authors: University of Mumbai
Keywords: Question Paper - SoP
Issue Date: Nov-2008
Publisher: University of Mumbai
Abstract: Biopharm & Pharmacokinetics, MedChemV, PceuticsVI, PcognosyII, PcologyIV, PharmAnalIV
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Biopharm & Pharmacokinetics- Nov08.pdf255.51 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
MedChemV - Nov08.pdf342.97 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PceuticsVI - Nov08.pdf205.62 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PcognosyII - Nov08.pdf174.85 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PcologyIV - Nov08.pdf216.97 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PharmAnalIV - Nov08.pdf388.26 kBAdobe PDFView/Open

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