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Title: Data Recovery Tips & Soluation
Other Titles: Windows , Linux And BSD
Authors: Kaspersky, Kris
Keywords: CD/DVD - CO
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: BPB Publication
Abstract: CD content with book # E4959.
Description: The list of the CD contents is as follows:  FIGURES — Color illustrations to all chapters provided in this book  LISTINGS — Source code of all examples provided in this book  SRC — The source code and demo examples intended for recovering data from CD media. Its subdirectory structure is as follows: • ETC — Demo examples for low-level access to CD-ROM drives • RS.LIB — Libraries for low-level working with CD sectors from CloneCD and Ahead Nero and interfaces to them, with examples illustrating their practical use • RS.SIMPLE — Elementary examples illustrating the principle of Reed-Solomon codes • SCSI.ALT — Source code of the driver allowing executiong of the IN/OUT machine commands from the application level • SCSI.LIB — Tools and utilities developed by the author for working with protected CDs • XCD.EMU — A demo program illustrating the scrambling operation carried out over the data before writing them to a CD  UTILITIES — Many small but helpful utilities, including the Pinch of File blockwise copier useful for file-by-file copying of CDs containing files with incorrect lengths and starting sectors  README.TXT — The contents of the CD-ROM
ISBN: 81-8333-197-1
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