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Title: Fire extinguisher using sound waves
Authors: Athavani, Shahin
Keywords: Project Report - EXTC
Issue Date: May-2019
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: PE0472;
Abstract: The fire extinguishing techniques used nowadays are having various drawbacks. The need for new fire extinguishing techniques is very important as fire accidents causes damages. This project demonstrates an idea of a developing device which can extinguish fire using sound. Traditional fire extinguishers, such as chemical foam or water, are used successfully but pose the threat of severely damaging indoor equipment, whereas an acoustic wave fire extinguisher would protect them from further damage caused by the fire. The low frequency acoustic waves produced from a subwoofer tend to extinguish the flames. This project aims to analyze the effect of different frequencies of sound wave on flames and also to study the behavior of acoustic wave propagation in the collimator and surrounding environment. To find the range of frequencies within which fire extinguishes. Three different sources of flames were used with three different state of fuel (solid, liquid and gas). The converged collimator used to increase the air velocity output as compared to an ordinary collimator design. The variation of high and low pressure which is then coupled with high flow air velocity, causes disturbances in air-fuel ratio at the flame boundary, is one of the reason leading to flame extinction. In this project, the frequency range needed to suppress the flames is in between 30 to 95 Hz. By hitting fire with the low-frequency sound waves in the 30 to 60 hertz range, the device separates oxygen from fuel. The pressure wave is going back and forth, and that agitates where the air is. That specific space is enough to keep the fire from reigniting.
Description: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering 2019
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