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Title: Data fusion based fire alarm system
Authors: Desai, Geeta
Siddique, Zaid [16DET131]
Sawant, Chetan (14ET36)
Pawaskar, Zaid (15DET71)
Siddiqui, Zeeshan (15DET132)
Keywords: Project Report - EXTC
Issue Date: May-2019
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: PE0490;
Abstract: In this project automatic fire detection through multiple types of sensors are Flame sensor, Gas sensor, Temperature sensor is implemented. The main purpose of these project is to build a system which not only detect fire but also identify false fire. To execute it a important techniques is used here Data Fusion. Multi-sensors differentiate changes in environment and gives this in- formation to data fusion which finds whether the detected fire is genuine or fake and if the risk is genuine then there will be an immediate action by water pump which will reduce the risk of spreading of fire. In fatal and dangerous situation like fire a quick and early warning plays an important role ,unlike conventional system this system will respond on time and will send an early message to firefighters and building occupants about the occurrence of fire with the help of GSM.
Description: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering 2019
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