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Title: Quality improvement by using quality control indicators in high rise building
Authors: Shaikh, Mohammed Ayyaz Mohammed Qasim (15CEM13)
Magar, Rajendra
Mahajan, Girish
Keywords: Staff Publication - SoET
Staff Publication - CE
Student Publication - CEM
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology
Series/Report no.: Vol.5;Issue 3
Abstract: Three important parameters such as time, cost and quality are essentially necessary for successful completion of construction projects. Quality is the real parameter that is responsible for safety and overall health of construction projects. Maximum defect occurs during execution phase only due to non-compliance of desired specifications. It is observed that, on many sites, executors are not aware about quality control checklist and its significance. This is the reason why defects occur in even newly constructed structures. To overcome this, Android application, have been developed for Quality Control Indicator by using the Six-sigma process. The Six Sigma processes that are generally used in manufacturing plants, however its implementation has started in the construction industry. In the Android application, quality control checklist prepared by a construction company had taken for reference. Project authorities can apply quality control checklist on the activities and can give their remarks about the performance of particular construction activity such as Satisfactory (S ), Unsatisfactory (US ) and Not Available (NA). If any defect occurs in the activity and if it is not mitigated by site engineer or supervisor then the higher authority may take appropriate corrective action. By using this, Quality Control Indicator Application time required for lengthy conventional quality control process can be considerably reduced. Through this application, six sigma levels for particular performance are obtained immediately as well as cause s and effects of particular defect is also recorded in the application. Hence, this study covers the entire process of quality control indicators and android application for obtaining six sigma levels of various activities of the project. This study focusses on use to quality control indicator for various construction activities. QC Indicators indicates the quality status of the activity for facilitating the application of remedial measures in order to improve quality.
Description: Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering 2018 (CACE-2018) |Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Thakur
ISSN: 2393-8021
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