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Title: Affordable housing using lean construction
Authors: Jadhav, Umesh
Khan, Amir Husain (14CES12)
Khan, Dawood Ibrahim (14CES16)
Parkar, Fouzan (14CES35)
Pavaskar, Amin (14CES37)
Keywords: Project Report - CE
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE0394;
Abstract: This project intends to compare the use of lean construction tool, Last Planner System, with traditional methods of construction in small scale construction project. Based on the success results obtained by lean production philosophy, which was introduced by Toyota in the manufacturing sector, the construction industry worldwide has adopted this techniques to eliminate waste and increase profit. In India, large construction firm like Godrej Construction and L&T Infrastructure have already adopted this technique efficiently on various sites, but there is still a reluctance from medium sized and small firms to adopt lean construction due to lack of research done on the above techniques. In this project data collection includes AutoCAD drawings of site. The 3D modelling was done using Sketch Up & a detailed estimate was prepared using MS excel. Master schedule was prepared and PPC was calculated. After applying 6 weeks look ahead plan the ppc was again calculated and by comparing a save in cost and time was observed . it is also found that there is need for behavioural changes and training for effective use of lean tool.
Description: Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering
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