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Title: optimization of shear wall for high rise buildings
Authors: Shaikh, Wasim
Keywords: Project Report - CE
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE0407;
Abstract: In the present construction industry, the buildings that are constructed are gaining significance in general, those with best possible outcomes with reference to optimal sizing and reinforcing of the structural elements mainly beam and column members in multi-storey RC structures in particular. The concept of “Best possible outcome” is called optimization. Optimization plays an important role in structural design, the very purpose of which is to find the best solutions from which a designer or a decision maker can derive a maximum benefit from the available resources. Shear wall provides large strength and stiffness to the building in the direction of their orientation which considerably reduces lateral sway of the building and there by reduces damage to the structure. If a high rise R.C. Structure is designed without shear wall the beam and column sizes are large and so many problems arises at the joints and due to this it is difficult to place and vibrate the concrete at such places and displacement is more which in turn induces heavy forces on the structure therefore shear wall become essential from the point of view of economy. By providing shear wall the structure become safe and durable and also more stable the function of shear wall is to increase rigidity for wind and seismic load resistance
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