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Title: Algae to biofuel
Authors: Tadavi, Shakil
Chougule, Huzaifa(15DME144)
Hodekar, Afif(15DME146)
Khan, Shoeb(15DME148)
Shaikh, Abdul Mueed(15DME154)
Keywords: Project Report - ME
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE0364;
Abstract: Biodiesel is biodegradable, less NOx CO and C02 emissions. Continued use of petroleum sourced fuels is now widely recognized as unsustainable because of depleting supplies and the contribution of these fuels to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment. Renewable, carbon neutral, transport fuels are necessary for environmental and economic sustainability. Sustainable production of renewable energy is being hotly debated globally since it is increasingly understood that first generation biofuels, primarily produced from food crops and mostly oil seeds are limited in their ability to achieve targets for biofuel production, climate change mitigation and economic growth. These concerns have increased the interest in developing second generation biofuels produced from nonfood feed stocks such as microalgae, which potentially offer greatest opportunities in the longer term. Microalgae have emerged as one of the most promising sources for biodiesel production. It can be inferred that microalgae grown in C02-enriched air can be converted to oily substances. Such an approach can contribute to solve major problems of air pollution resulting from C02 evolution and future crisis due to a shortage of energy sources. Thinking about these elements, exhibit work focused on generation of Biodiesel from the Microalgae by Expeller Method. This project is concerned with the analysis and development of a algae oil extracting machine Further the aim of the project is to increase the understanding of the operation of the machine, and identify and implement methods of improving the performance.
Description: In partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree Of BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.
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