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Title: Improvement in spooling of wire rope
Authors: Qureshi, Arshad
Shaikh, Ahamed Rajjab(14ME01)
Shah, Mohd.Arif(14ME45)
Shaikh, Haris(14ME47)
Shaikh, Naeem A.(14ME51)
Keywords: Project Report - ME
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE0349;
Abstract: Wire rope contents dozens–even hundreds of individual wires which are formed and fabricated to move or operate at close tolerances to one another. When a wire rope bends, each of its many wires slides and adjusts to accommodate the differences in length between the inside and outside of the bend. The sharper the bend, the greater the movement this creates wrong spooling of wire rope. Ever since the development of wire rope, comprising multiple wire strands, spooling the wire has presented technical challenges. When wrapped in multiple layers, the upper layers have a tendency to crush the lower layers, while the lower layers have a tendency to pinch upper layers. The rubbing of rope against rope also has a tendency to cause wear. This paper analysis the parameters related to the spooling of wire rope like fleet angle, tension etc. This paper also presents design and analysis of rack and pinion mechanism for wire rope spooling process. For this we designed different conceptual models and analyzed them under maximum loading condition. After comparing the results best design is selected and it will be found easily possible for manufacturing and operating.
Description: In partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree Of BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.
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