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Title: Anecdote: Past. Present. Future
Authors: Wadawalkar, Prajakta
Bubere, Mukhbit (13ARC05)
Keywords: Project Report - SoA
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PA0050;
Abstract: culture and it has a story to tell. The most visible source of our history is the Buildings and the Structures left behind by our Predecessors. Kalyan is no exception. A Century of industrialization & technical advancement brought forth rapid urbanization in the entire country, and more so near the metropolis such as Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta etc. The city of Kalyan – Dombivali, owing to large urbanizable zone and its proximity to greater Mumbai forms one of the important urban agglomerations of Maharashtra state. . The smooth rail connectivity to greater Mumbai and being an important junction enabled a lot of influx of population, depending mainly on Mumbai for livelihood. The population influx lead to a tremendous pressure on the existing public services fabric of city. Thereby altering the fabric and making it like other characterless cities on the central line. Recently the smart city proposal surveys and mapping stated that Kalyan has a lot of potential into its long water front and that the city lacks Recreational and Public places. The City Development Plan aims to be “AN ECOFRIENDLY, HIGH-TECH, CULTURAL CITY”.
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