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Title: Reorganizing the market space of Vashi A.P.M.C.
Authors: Karanjawala, Yezdi V.
Sayed, Ayaz Ali (13ARC29)
Keywords: Project Report - SoA
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PA0067;
Abstract: Reorganizing the market space of A.P.M.C, project that will consolidate facilities for selling and distribution of food for farmers “this Food Port” will transform community hub that shapes a “new model between consumer and producer.” The diversity of program will reflect the full food chain of perishable goods at A.P.M.C, as well as a new foods cape of public spaces and plazas where producers and consumers meet, the terminal market for perishable goods will act as a catalyst to activate the surrounding neighbourhood, it will also revitalise the railway yard of Turbhe, exemplifying one of the complex urban relationships between architecture and food. Food defines us who we are and where we come from. Historically, the development of cities has been inextricably connected to its production, supply and distribution. Vashi A.P.M.C. is the biggest market dealing in large quantities of different fruits and vegetables, attracting produce from all important production belts, this market also caters to the needs of Thane, Kalyan and Bhiwandi apart from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The human population has become increasingly removed from sites of agricultural production and less aware of how their own food is made, to regenerate this awareness the direct relationship between producer and consumer which has been now separated by an ever-expanding line of middle-man entities including distributors, processors and retailers. This food movement demonstrates the individual and commercial consumer demand to change this relationship, but the scale of most local farms and their distribution networks makes it difficult for suppliers to meet growing demands. A.P.M.C have the potential to alleviate this bottleneck of inefficiency by consolidating supplies into shared facilities for farmers and locating them strategically within cities
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