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Title: Fabrication and control of semi-autonomous amphibious rover
Authors: Thavai, Rahul
Ansari, Mohd. Umar (14DME144)
Shaikh, Farhan (13ME106)
Pawaskar, Mazhar (13ME101)
Khan, Abdul (13ME78)
Keywords: Project Report - ME
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE00222;
Abstract: This section is intended for readers who want to gain an understanding of the controlling system, fabrication and basics of amphibious rover and its application in modern field of technology. Amphibious rover is derived from an amphibious cycle is a human-powered vehicle capable of operation on both land and water. The study include fabrication and control system of amphibious rover.Based on the design calculation shown in “Design of Semi-Autonomous Amphibious” aforementioned book, fabrication of important peripherals are done. In further chapters reader can gain knowledge of steps involved in fabrication of different peripherals of rover and control system.
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