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Title: 3D printer
Authors: Shaikh, Mohd. Adil (14DEE01)
Chhapra, Abdur (13EE13)
Shaikh, Junaid (14DEE15)
Khan, Nehal (14DEE02)
Keywords: Project Report - EE
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PE0285;
Abstract: The inspiration for this project comes from the fact that 3D printer are really innovative and revolutionary idea but along with that they are very costly, one cannot afford the 3D printer just for fun or to use at home just to create ideas into reality. This high cost limits the imagination of the ordinary people. The high quality 3D printers comes at a range of 65000-140000 rupees. It all starts with imagination of the object we want to create. One can create a affordable 3D printer by using equipment in their surrounding or probably at home. The technology of 3D printing can be used to create imagination into reality, parts of the machinery of equipment which are not available in the market, prototypes of new ideas and most importantly for fun.
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