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Title: Application of total quality management principles for benchmarking production standards in construction
Authors: Parkar, Fauwaz
Ansari, Salim (14DCES55)
Irshad, Ali Asgar Ali (DCES60)
Kalwal, Mohd. Mazhar (14DCES61)
Khan, Mohd. Luqman (14DCES63)
Keywords: Project Report - CE
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # 0238;
Abstract: The work of Construction Companies involves a certain amount of risk when design projects are undertaken for buildings and other structures, as well as for other projects such as roads and runways, pipelines, sewerage- and water works and pump stations. Accepted levels of risk for these companies when accepting a particular appointment from a client are not always adequately quantified at the beginning of the project. This puts the company in a position where it may be subject to professional indemnity, claims from clients and from the public, should something go wrong during a particular project. The risk taken by the consulting engineer can to a large extent be quantified, and timeous mitigation measures can be taken to prevent certain things from occurring that may pose a threat to the successful construction and later use of the facility. As it is, the civil and structural engineering industry has a reputation that many projects run late and are over budget, not to mention the technical difficulties that might arise during the course of the project. This situation can to some extent be avoided by the introduction of a Quality Management System (QMS), which, if implemented and used correctly, should be able to identify and mitigate most of the risks that might arise from any project. Companies will therefore introduce a QMS into their company for this purpose, and will train their employees in the use of the QMS.
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