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Title: Administrative headquarter for Panvel city municipal corporation
Authors: Shaikh, Riyaz
Patel, Imad
Keywords: Project Report - SoA
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: AIKTC
Series/Report no.: Accession # PA0029;
Abstract: Municipal Corporation is the main governing body of any city and its administration headquarter is probably one of the most important building. The Municipal Corporation provides all the necessary facilities and services right from the water supply and drainage to the public parks and other facilities which makes a city habitable more so a desirable one. Hence, for a city to grow and develop the administration building has to be designed with the understanding of the functioning of the Municipal Corporation, nature of work being carried out there, comfort of the employees and visitors and also the security of the building. The purpose of the study is to establish the requirement of the Municipal Corporation’s administration building by understanding the history and current world scenario, the subject in Indian context, basic and additional requirements of the same for the best possible output. This book covers all the necessary aspect for understandings the subject to help in designing the administration building. Chapter 1 is about the introduction of the topic, Chapter 2 covers all the research and literature about the subject, Chapter 3 is the compilation of the case studies of Indian and International case studies, Chapter 4 talks about the various aspect of selection of the site and Chapter 5 is the conclusion of all the previous chapters where the programme is finalized. The Administration building of Municipal Corporation in Indian context lacks the basic connectivity of different spaces and departments. Most importantly, City’s topmost important building lacks the connection to its citizen which is taken into consideration in other countries. Therefore, the reformation and a different prospect is required while designing such an important building which could change the fate of the city.
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