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Title: Novel solution for pharmacodynamics
Authors: Bodke, Kalpana
Honnutagi, Iqrazuddin (13CO71)
Tanaji, Faizan (13CO65)
Shaikh, Farooq (11CO39)
Keywords: Project Report - CO
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: The proposed system will be a computer software which is used for pharmacodynamics. The software will be developed by using and Microsoft Visual Studio and some kinds of simulation software. Pharmacodynamics is actually a mechanism of drug action. Pharmacodynamics is nothing but the experiments which are performed on living things like animals to show out the effects of certain medicines or chemicals or drugs. Pharmacodynamics is often summarized as the study of what a drug does to the body, whereas pharmacokinetics is the study of what the body does to a drug. The experiments has to perform on living things like on animal’s body , nowadays the different pharma experiments like effects of given drugs on animal’s bodies are banned. So we need an alternate to perform this kind of experiments which look like and real environment. The solution for this problem will be a software which do the experiments on animal bodies rather than to perform it on actual body of an animal. The software will do the experiments on simulated body of an animal. It is something like applying a drug on simulated body and see the changes on it and according to the result you can change the dose of drug.
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