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Title: Unit Test I Sem I
Authors: AIKTC
Keywords: Question Paper - FE
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: Unit Test Question Papers: Applied Mathematics- I; Applied Physics- I; Applied Chemistry- I; Engineering Mechanics; Basic electrical & electronic Engineering; Environmental studies
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aiktcDspace1842.1Applied Mathematics- I208.72 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.2Applied Physics- I310.29 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.3Applied Chemistry- I340.39 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.4Engineering Mechanics722.77 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.5Basic electrical & electronic Engineering300.84 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.6Basic electrical & electronic Engineering220.7 kBJPEGView/Open
aiktcDspace1842.7Environmental studies419.96 kBJPEGView/Open

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