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Title: Application of Principles of lean management in Construction Industry, A technique in the Indian construction industry
Authors: Pillai, Karuna
Shukla, Manojkumar
Magar, Rajendra
Keywords: Staff Publication - SoET
Student Publication - SoET
Staff Publication - CE
Student Publication - CE
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International Journal of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJRAET)
Series/Report no.: Volume 4;Issue No. 4
Abstract: The construction industry has been severely vexed by several problems, and one of the major attributors being ‘the construction waste’. There is a severe need for identifying the sources of wastes and to improve the competence and to cut back on these wastes. For this Lean construction and its tools have been introduced as a new management principle for better implementation. These include reducing variability in production and production cycles. The tools that shall be used to achieve this include following a push-pull approach, use of multifunctional, multi skilled teams, and scrutiny of the following by just in time schedules. There are countless challenges in the implementation of lean concept in construction industry. The implementation of lean management in Indian construction industry is scarce. Due to lack of attention and illiteracy towards the lean management principles and application of its tools the owner, contractor, engineers etc. are still acquiring training to implement this principle in their projects. This project mainly focuses on to identify the possibilities of implementation of lean management in construction industry. It will be achieved by preparing the questionnaire and also conducting the interview with the project personals like top management, engineers and site supervisors etc., via cyber mass media. The questionnaires shall then be evaluated to adopt the best suited techniques through statistical methods. This paper focuses on the possibilities of effective utilization of lean management principles in construction industry, which can surely increase the quality of work and profit rate by eliminating the wastage of material.
Description: Keywords: Lean, construction, management, implementation.
ISSN: 2347 - 2812
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