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Title: Resume Ranking using NLP and Machine Learning
Authors: Khan, Tabrez
Juneja, Afzal Ayub Zubeda (12CO32)
Momin, Adnan Ayyas Shaheen(12CO46)
Gunduka, Rakesh Narsayya Godavari(12CO29)
Sayed, ZainulAbideen Mohd Sadiq Naseem (13CO72)
Keywords: Project Report - CO
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: Using NLP(Natural Language Processing) and ML(Machine Learning) to rank the resumes according to the given constraint, this intelligent system ranks the resume of any format according to the given constraints or the following requirement provided by the client company. We will basically take the bulk of input resume from the client company and that client company will also provide the requirement and the constraints according to which the resume should be ranked by our system. Beside the information provide by the resume we are going to read the candidates social profiles (like LinkedIn, Github etc) which will give us the more genuine information about that candidate.
Description: Project Report Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering
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