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Title: Poster Recognition With Calender Integraion
Authors: Khan, Mubashir
Keywords: Project Report - CO
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: Text characters and strings in natural scene can provide valuable information for many applications. Extracting text directly from natural scene images or videos is a challenging task because of diverse text patterns and variant background interferences.This paper proposes a method of scene text recogntion from detected text regions. The proposed method combines previously scene text detection and scene text detection algorithms. Besides,previous work rarely presents the mobile implementation of scene text extraction,and we transplant our method into an Android based platform.Our proposed system will have an android application that will capture an image as an input and will process that image to extract text from it. Firtly we are extracting the event name,event date from the image of poster. Secondly by using the extracted date,reminder of the day before of event is set in the smartphone.
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