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Title: Locating Branded And Generic Medicines Using GPS Navigation System
Authors: Panwala, Sameer
Shaikh, Samreen Yusuf Mohummed Mehrunnisa(11CO07)
Shaikh, Shafiqqurahman Abu Aamir Shaheen (13CO74)
Mukati, Ubaid Mohd.Anwar Sardar Akhtar(12CO48)
Wagho, Sadiya Munir Haseena (12CO89)
Tamboli, Sufiyan Yunus Salma(11CO46)
Keywords: Project Report - CO
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: This system will show all the details about the medical stores and medicines as per the user requirement. The real time location of user is tracked by using GPS (Global Positioning System). Our real-time tracking management system is composed of three components, a GPS Tracking Device, a server and a database. The GPS tracking is done by GPS enabled android mobile that transmits the location to the server through the GPRS. Through this application user come to know the name and availability of generic medicines in different chemist stores. Dijkstra’s algorithm is used to find the nearest medical stores according to the location .On the other hand Data mining classification algorithm is used to give the generic medicine availability on behalf of branded medicine.
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