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Title: Surveillance Robot controlled using an Android app
Authors: Bodke, Kalpana
Shaikh, Shoeb Maroof Nasima (12CO92)
Ansari, Asgar Ali Shamshul Haque Shakina (12CO106)
Khan, Sufiyan Liyaqat Ali Kalimunnisa (12CO81)
Mir, Ibrahim Salim Farzana (12CO82)
Keywords: Project Report - CO
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: AIKTC
Abstract: The robotics and automation industry which is ruled the sectors from manufacturing to household entertainments. It is widely used because of its simplicity and ability to modify to meet changes of needs. The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle using android application for remote operation attached with wireless camera for monitoring purpose. The robot along with camera can wirelessly transmit real time video with night vision capabilities. This is kind of robot can be helpful for spying purpose in war fields. The wifi technology is relatively new as compared to other technologies and there is huge potential of its growth and practical application. The android application loaded on mobile devices, can connect with security system and easy to use GUI. The security system then acts on these command and responds to the user. The CMOS camera and the motion detector are attached with security system for remote surveillance. A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. A robot can be controlled by a human operator, sometimes from a great distance. In such type of applications wireless communication is more important. This paper also shows general idea and design of the robot. Surveillance security robot provides safety like man. Automatic patrolling vehicle for periodic patrolling in defined or a restricted area, the patrolling vehicle can move automatically to monitor the dead zones and capture the images by using the camera.
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