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Title: Design and Analysis of a Broadband Monopolar Patch Antenna
Authors: Fakih, Awab
Keywords: Staff Publication - SoET
Staff Publication - EXTC
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: IEEE International Conference
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovati on sin Engineering (ICRAIE - 2014 ), Jaipur
Abstract: A new low profile and broadband monopolar patch antenna is proposed. Previously, long rectangular patch antennas were proposed that had a compact structure and high gain, but these antennas were designed for broadside radiation. There are some patch antennas that achieve wide bandwidth by employing a thicker substrate. However, its profile may not be low enough for some cases that cover a very low profile space. We propose a low profile patch antenna with wide bandwidth, high gain and monopole like radiation pattern. The proposed antenna has a bandwidth of 9.4% and gain of 7 dBi with monopole like radiation pattern for an infinite ground plane. While for a finite ground plane bandwidth of 12.3% and gain of 5 dBi is obtained. Keywords- Excitation mode; low profile; monopolar patch antenna; coplanar waveguide fed (CPW); omnidirectional; Method of Moments (MoM).
ISBN: [978-1-4799-4040-0
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