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Title: Performance and Security Measure of Highly Performed Enterprise Content Management System
Authors: Lokhande, P. S.
Keywords: Staff Publication - SoET
Staff Publication - CO
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Applications
Citation: Volume 46– No.9, Pg.11-17
Abstract: “ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” (ECMS) is an extension to CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS). In this paper we will see the performance measure and security measure of website that is developed and hosted using three different platform, One website we have made in LIFERAY(open source enterprise content management system) and MYSQL as database, Second we have made using JSP and MYSQL as database run on the free web space, third we have made again using JSP and MYSQL as database but we have bought web space from provider .We will compare all three websites to see which one has the better efficiency or which can handle the better stress using the webstress tool developed by us, for the performance measure of all three websites. We have evaluated the performance by considering following parameter 1)Performance Test 2) Stress Test 3) Ramp Test and security measure by considering following parameters 1) SQL INJECTION 2) CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING on the above three websites
ISSN: 0975 – 8887
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