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Title: E-Commerce Applications: Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Countermeasures
Authors: Lokhande, P. S.
Keywords: Staff Publication - SoET
Staff Publication - CO
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET)
Citation: Volume 2, Issue 2. Pg.499-509.
Abstract: The extensive use of e-commerce creates new ways for both image and brands to be attacked. Attackers using various gimmicks and techniques to find various loopholes in the system. While there has been good ways to identify threats, educating customers and identifying countermeasures. Attacks on customer sensitive information has the adverse effect of decreasing the consumer faith on online transactions, which happens in e-commerce. Prevention is better than cure, good knowledge and understanding of the online threats can be used as a tool to avoid online attacks. Keywords: E-Commerce, Security breach, Online frauds, Vulnerabilities, Fraud, Attack on E-commerce.
ISSN: 2278 – 1323
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