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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Panel designfor transformer protectionSyed, Kaleem; khan, Shabnam (13EE03); Shaikh, Khaleda (13EE04); Sheebanaaz, Akeel (13EE05); Kazi, Tehseen (13EE19)
26-Mar-2018Panvel madhey Mukhtar Abbas NaqviLokmat
May-2018Parametric study of laterally supported and unsupported steel beamHawelikar, Shoukin Chandrakant; Khan, Mohd.Ismail (13CES22); Khan, Kamruddin S (14CES17); Khan, Saeed J (14CES23)
May-2017Pathway to net zero energy buildingMahajan, Girish; Patil, Vrushali (13CE03); Khan, Bilal (12CE27); Shaikh, Ahmed (11CE42)
1997Pattern recognition and image analysisGose, Earl
May-2018Pavement evaluation and design of overlayKazi, Tehsin A.; Dayatar, Mohammad Sajid Aziz 15DCES66; Patel, Saqib MohdHanif 15DCES80; Qureshi, Mohd Subhan Mohd Miya 15DCES81
Apr-2017Pavment designMaralapalle, Vedprakash
May-2012Performance and Security Measure of Highly Performed Enterprise Content Management SystemLokhande, P. S.
May-2017Performance based seismic design of RCC building (G+15) with dual systemSarvade, Shivaji; Idrisi, Mohd. Firoz (13CE17); Patel, Wasim (13CE40); Pawar, Afzal (13CE41); Rakhangi, Salman (13CE42)
May-2017Performance evaluation of different routing protocolChaya, Ravindra; Pathan, Raza (13ET37); Siddiqui, Siraj Ali (13ET59)
May-2017Performance evaluation of electro-coagulation in removal of crystal violet dyeShah, Dhaval; Shaikh, Kafil (13CES51); Khan, Sohail (13CES27); Khan, Rizwan (13CES24); Shafique, Mohammed (13CES31)
Sep-2015Periodic Papers Sem I - CBSGS (SoP)SoP
Mar-2012Periodic Papers Sem I - OLD (SoP)SoP
Sep-2011Periodic Papers Sem I - OLD (SoP)SoP
Mar-2016Periodic Papers Sem II - CBSGS (SoP)SoP
Mar-2012Periodic Papers Sem II - OLD (SoP)SoP
Sep-2014Periodic Papers Sem III - CBSGS (SoP)SoP
Sep-2015Periodic Papers Sem III - CBSGS (SoP)SoP
Sep-2016Periodic Papers Sem III - CBSGS (SoP)SoP
Sep-2013Periodic Papers Sem III - OLD (SoP)SoP