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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2013E-Commerce Applications: Vulnerabilities, Attacks and CountermeasuresLokhande, P. S.
May-2018E-logistic systemSheikh, Javed; Gigani, Heena (14DCO57); Kadariya, Usman Gani (12CO33); Shaikh, Imran M (12CO31); Kazi, Mohid (12CO45)
Mar-2018E-logistic systemSheikh, Javed; Gigani, Heena (14DCO57); Kadariya, Usman Gani (12CO33); Shaikh, Imran M.(12CO31); Kazi, Mohid (12CO45)
Sep-2016Earn Value Management a Boon to Indian Construction IndustryMagar, Rajendra; Shukla, Manojkumar
19-Jul-2016Earthquake: Earthquake waves, construction and working of seismograph, Earthquake zones of India, elastic rebound theory Preventive measures for structures constructed in Earthquake prone areasJoshi, Prabha
May-2016Eco friendly railway stationKhan, Yakub; Bhushan, Anil (12EE37); Shaikh, Zaid (12EE57); Siddiqui, Shahid (12EE60); Usmani, Mohd. Ahmed (12E62)
May-2016Effect of coconut fibre in concrete and to improve the workability by incorporating an admixtureHonnutagi, Abdul Razak; Shaikh, Md. Shadab (12CE54); Siddiqui, Saquib (12CE60); Hamza, Sayyed (12CE46); Shaikh, Shamsuddoha (12CE56)
May-2016Effect of colloidal nano silica (CNS) on high strength risk husk ash concreteMagar, Rajendra; Gupta, Vinay (12CE19); Gupta, Vipin (12CE20); Khan, Abdul (12CE26); Sayed, Khalil (13CE68)
Jan-2017Effect of Colloidal Nanosilica on High Strength Rice HuskMagar, Rajendra; Khan, Afroz; Gupta, Vipin (16DME138); Gupta, Vinay; Sayyed, Firoz Khalil (16DCES83)
Jan-2016Effect of Environmental Service by Hedonic Pricing ModelKanojia, Anita (14CEM04); Jadhav, Umesh
May-2017Effect of pH on bacterial concreteMaste, Junaid; Siddiqui, Tanveer (13CE60); Khan, Ayub (13CE22); Sayed, Sharjeel (13CE47); Shaikh, Rehan (13CE57)
1990Effective Methods For Software TestingPerry, William E.
2000Effects of Liver Impairment on the Pharmacokinetics of Brivanib, a Dual Inhibitor of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine KinasesSyed, Shariq
Mar-2015Efficient way of web development using python and flaskLokhande, P. S.; Aslam, Fankar; Hawa, Nabeel; Munir, Jumal; Gulamgaus, Murade
2019Eigen values and eigen vectorsShaikh, Mukhtar
Apr-2017Ejector based solar air conditioning systemTadavi, Shakil; Nawab, Moeenuddin; Pathan, Faizan; Wadekar, Faisal
18-Nov-2016Electrical Machine DesignHule, Shraddha
23-Sep-2017Electrical Machines 1 (EMC-I)Qureshi, Tahoora
Jul-2008Electrical NetworksSingh, Ravish