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2016Design and cost economic analysis of self compacting concrete for mivan shutteringSyed, Mehdi Abbas (14CEM16); Magar, Rajendra; Patil, Dada S.
May-2018Experimental investigtion on characteristic properties of previous concretePatil, Dada S.; Mujawar, Ayub(12CE43); Shaikh, Mohd. Siddique(12CE57); Siddiqui, Mohd. Iqbal(12CE59); Singh, Nitesh Kumar(12CE61)
May-2018Experimental study of soil stabilization by using cement, lime and Potassium hydroxidePatil, Dada S.; KHAN, ZISHAN MAHTAB ALAM (14CES24); JAMADAR, TALHA ZAHID (15DCES67); KAZI, MOHD ISMAIL ZAKI (15DCES69); MULLA, ABDULLATIF JABBAR (15DCES78)
Sep-2009Investigation on the characteristic properties of high performance SCC with mineral admixturesPatil, Dada S.
Apr-2017Pile soil interaction by finite elements method in AbaqusPatil, Dada S.; Ansari, Azhar (13CES07); Ansari, Junaid (13CES08); Barudgar, Mohd. Atique (13CES11); Khan, Abid (13CES20)
May-2016Production and mechanical properties of high performance concretePatil, Dada S.; Arai, Affan (13CE67); Kamble, Dinesh (12CE24); Jain, Babul (12CE96; Lambate, Salman (12CE40)
May-2017Soil analysis and stuctural design of pilePatil, Dada S.; Sayed, Abid (14DCE75); Shaikh, Jameel (14DCE78); Shaikh, Tausif (14DCE80); Ansari, Hammad (14DCE67)
Apr-2017Structural auditing of RCC buildingsPatil, Dada S.; Momin, Mohd. Numan (13CES33); Khan, Mohd. Kalim (13CES53); Bhati, Mohd. Shahid (13CES12); Petkar, Nazim (13CES37)
Dec-2015Use of Rice Husk Ash in ConcreteSyed, Mehdi Abbas (14CEM16); Patil, Dada S.