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Apr-2017Application of total quality management principles for benchmarking production standards in constructionParkar, Fauwaz; Ansari, Salim (14DCES55); Irshad, Ali Asgar Ali (DCES60); Kalwal, Mohd. Mazhar (14DCES61); Khan, Mohd. Luqman (14DCES63)
May-2018Case study of hostel projectParkar, Fauwaz; Harbe, Aaquib (12CE66); Shaikh, Arfaat (13CE48)
6-Mar-2013Case Study: Application Of Mathematical Techniques On A Construction ProjectParkar, Fauwaz
Jan-2016Comparative study and decision making for a formwork technique to be adopted on a construction site in mumbaiKazi, Arbaz; Parkar, Fauwaz
20-Feb-2016Comparing design-build and design-bid-build project- Case of residential projectsKazi, Arbaz; Parkar, Fauwaz
May-2017Experimental investigation on geopolymer concreteParkar, Fauwaz; Tungekar, Ruh-ul-Ameen (13CE62); Gupta, Sonu (13CE61); Ansari, Waseem (13DCE69); Khan, Rmaeeza (14DCE73)
May-2018Experimental study on bendable concreteParkar, Fauwaz; Kazi, Izhan(14CE20); Khot, Suhail(14CE36); Majid, Ramish(14CE37)
May-2019Life cycle cost analysis of a hostel building with energy efficient approach : Case studyParkar, Fauwaz; Hasamnis, Rahul Sunil [16DCES66]; Sayyed, Firoj Khalil [16DCES83]; Asari, Zoheb Md. Nazim [16DCES60]; Mansoori, Juned Amjad Ali [16DCES72]
2-Aug-2017Probability and StatisticsParkar, Fauwaz
May-2019Redevelopment of MIG colony (MHADA) as energy efficient colonyParkar, Fauwaz; Ansari, Ahmed Irfan [15CE08]; Shaikh, Amir Mavia [15CE43]; Khan, Adnan S [15CE19]; Chougle, Shuaib Aslam [15CE14]
May-2016Statistical modelling for prediction of soil parameters at AIKTC, PanvelParkar, Fauwaz; Duduke, Wasif (12CE17); Jiwrak, Amir (11CE18); Shaikh, Md. Abrar (12CE52)
18-Feb-2011Use of statistical methods in construction industryParkar, Fauwaz
4-Jan-2013Use of statistical techniques in construction managementParkar, Fauwaz