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8-Aug-2017Characterization of municipal solid wasteJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017CompostingJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016DamsJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Disinfection of waterJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Distribution System: Water Distribution Systems, Types & MethodsJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Earthquake: Earthquake waves, construction and working of seismograph, Earthquake zones of India, elastic rebound theory Preventive measures for structures constructed in Earthquake prone areasJoshi, Prabha
Jun-2015Fluid inclusion and geochemical signatures of the talc deposits in Kanda area, Kumaun, India: implications for genesis of carbonate hosted talc deposits in Lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
25-Nov-2016Fluid Inclusions in the Ca-Mg Carbonates in Kumaun lesser Himalaya and Focus on the Basin Fluid SystemJoshi, Prabha
Jul-2016Folds, faults and other records of rock deformationJoshi, Prabha
2010Genetic issues of some of the non metallic minerals in lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Geology: Branches & Importance of Civil EngineeringJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Glacial processes and landformsJoshi, Prabha
Jul-2016Ground waterJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Hazardous wasteJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Igneous petrologyJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Internal structure of the earth and plate tectonicsJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Land SlidesJoshi, Prabha
19-Jul-2016Landforms by wind: Geological work of windJoshi, Prabha
8-Aug-2017Leachate management: Incineration and gasificationJoshi, Prabha
2009Petrography and geochemistry of magnesite and talc deposits of Jhiroli, Kumaun Lesser HimalayaJoshi, Prabha