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May-2016Decision making for selection of optimum machinery in mega construction projects using artificial intelligence techniquesMagar, Rajendra; Khan, Sakib Mohd. Dastagir (14CEM06)
2016Design and cost economic analysis of self compacting concrete for mivan shutteringSyed, Mehdi Abbas (14CEM16); Magar, Rajendra; Patil, Dada S.
thesisSmall.jpgAug-2017Design of new green building using IGBC rating systemMagar, Rajendra; Srivastava, Ashish Suresh (15CEM17)
Sep-2016Earn Value Management a Boon to Indian Construction IndustryMagar, Rajendra; Shukla, Manojkumar
May-2016Effect of colloidal nano silica (CNS) on high strength risk husk ash concreteMagar, Rajendra; Gupta, Vinay (12CE19); Gupta, Vipin (12CE20); Khan, Abdul (12CE26); Sayed, Khalil (13CE68)
Jan-2017Effect of Colloidal Nanosilica on High Strength Rice HuskMagar, Rajendra; Khan, Afroz; Gupta, Vipin (16DME138); Gupta, Vinay; Sayyed, Firoz Khalil (16DCES83)
Nov-2016Estimation of Discharge Using LS-SVM and Model TreesMagar, Rajendra
2016Estimation of some meteorological parameters using hard and soft computing toolsMagar, Rajendra
thesisSmall.jpgMar-2019Evaluation of worker performance in construction project using six-sigmaMagar, Rajendra; Tanwar, Saif M. Shakeel (16CEM16)
May-2015Experimental investigation and prediction of compresive strength of concrete using soft computing techniques with different additivesMagar, Rajendra; Ansari, Shahbaz (11CE07); Khan, Afroz (11CE22); Khan, Mohd Haroon Mohd Nafis (11CE24); Khan, Rahil Lodhi Hashmatullah (11CE26)
2017Experimental Investigation and Prediction of Compressive Strength of HPC with SCMsMagar, Rajendra; Khan, Afroz Rahat Naeem; Khan, Rahil; Ansari, Shahbaz; Khan, Haroon
Aug-2017Experimental investigation and prediction of fly ash efficiency factor in concrete with cost economic analysisMagar, Rajendra; Khan, Afroz Naeem (15CEM07)
thesisSmall.jpgAug-2017Fuzzy approach to risk assessment in construction industryMagar, Rajendra; Azam, Tasneem (15CEM18)
Dec-2011Intermittent reservoir daily-inflow prediction using lumped and distributed data multi-linear regression modelsMagar, Rajendra
thesisSmall.jpgMay-2016MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING FOR DISPOSAL OF SOLID WASTE: A CASE STUDYMagar, Rajendra; Nalband, Irfan Innus
May-2016Management of municipal solid waste ash in soil stabilizationMagar, Rajendra; Shaikh, Md. Wasim (14CEM14)
thesisSmall.jpgMar-2019Minimizing construction material waste by modelling order quantity and on-site rejection parametersMagar, Rajendra; Tiwari, Shivendra (16CEM13)
thesisSmall.jpgAug-2017Modern approach to minimize risk in construction industryMagar, Rajendra; Kadam, Trupti (15CEM06)
2012Multi-time-step ahead daily and hourly intermittent reservoir inflow prediction by artificial intelligent techniques using lumped and distributed data.Magar, Rajendra
Apr-2014Nash IUH parameters estimation using method of moments - A case studyMagar, Rajendra